BLACK LODGE GAMES, LLC is a small game studio making big role playing game franchises for PCs and select home consoles. Our vision is to inspire game players across the world through immersion in fun, diverse, artistic, and philosophically driven role playing game universes.

Our Customer PROMISES


1) DRM Free Products – No DRM is allowed on a BLACK LODGE GAMES, LLC game except when required by a publishing platform (for example, every game on almost every console has console specific builds & DRM type restrictions, as well as platforms like Steam, which uses Steamworks, a light form of DRM that we would only integrate into the Steam version of a game as required.)

2) Always Free DLC – Once you buy a BLACK LODGE GAMES, LLC game, if we decide to release any DLC, you will get it ALL for FREE. That means you’ll get all downloadable content, such as updates, addons, and expansions for that game for free.

3) Ethical Game Business Models – BLACK LODGE GAMES, LLC does not make games using the “free to play” business model, nor do we utilize microtransactions or the freemium game business model. For the sake of clarity, we’re not saying that every game company or game that utilizes these business models is unethical, on the contrary, we recognize that there are some great freemium and f2p games out there from some fantastic game companies. They have their place on the market, but we’re not in that market… at all. What we are saying is that we as a company will not develop or publish games that utilize these business models because we believe free games should be clearly and fully free, and paid games should be clearly and fully paid. We feel this is a customer-centric policy, and so it governs every single game that we develop, publish, or release.

4) Customers First – We fully support & adhere to the Gamer’s Bill of Rights, including our no hassle refund policy, our commitment to updating games to fix minor or major issues a-like, and your right to privacy from intrusive DRM and other overtly offensive policies and actions that do more harm than good.

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