The Shucked Oyster: Designed For Use With ShadowDark RPG

The Shucked Oyster: Designed For Use With ShadowDark RPG

Hi everyone, we are launching our first Shadowdark supplement in early August: The Shucked Oyster!

The Shucked Oyster is a drop in location that can be placed in any town or city in your campaign as a way to really spice up your time in town. Known for repeatedly burning down in freak accidents, this brothel and carousing location serves as a nexus that connects dozens of fully fleshed out NPCs that all have conflicting goals and motivations, dark secrets, and overlapping connections to one another. This means that getting caught up in the schemes of any single NPC will draw your players into a web of intrigue that can spawn entire campaigns.

The module is non linear and meant to run in parallel to your ongoing campaign with multitudes of hooks to get your players involved in this darkly comic world. There are two 19 room dungeons connected to the web of intrigue, a curse to be dispelled, new legendary monsters, 20 ladies of The Shucked Oyster to harass and harangue your players, 12 patrons of this fine establishment to help fill out the rest of your campaign region, expanded social mechanics, new magic items, new random encounter tables and carousing outcomes tailored to this cursed brothel, and a terrible cult operating in the background.

We've had an amazing time writing and play testing this and the feedback so far has been great. Check out the Kickstarter and get signed up to be notified as soon as it goes live!

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