What’s Up With Arcana Kira, Daath Origins & Daath Galaxy?

It’s been a bit, so time to bring you up to speed on the development of our games. Here’s a paragraph update about each game:

Daath Origins

STATUS: Currently at BETA 2 – Ready for Early Access
Daath Origins is principally done as of BETA 3, simply needing bug fixes. Right now, the last beta released was BETA 2, but BETA 3 is right around the corner. The only real hold up is getting the game through Steam Greenlight (take a second to vote here now if you haven’t already!) Once the game is approved, it will be 3 to 7 days afterwards before I post the game to Early Access (unlike Arcana Kira and Daath Galaxy.)

Arcana Kira

STATUS: Currently in Alpha – Aiming for Spring 2017 BETA
So many things make me happy about Arcana Kira‘s progress, but the core gameplay still needs refinement, enemy animations need an overhaul and some dungeons need to be totally scrapped and redone with more foresight into the newer mechanics of the game. Oculus Rift hasn’t been a meaningful addition to the gameplay, although it has been invaluable for scaling objects in the game world, so I’m feeling lost with the VR support for the game and considering dropping support for it altogether… Hoping to get a new playable build available this upcoming Spring for Early Access, but no hard promises at the moment.

Daath Galaxy

STATUS: Currently in Alpha – Aiming for Winter 2017 tech demo
The Oculus Rift is way better in Daath Galaxy than Arcana Kira, but then again, it has a first person camera and you spend most of your time on the bridge of starship blasting through space… the sort of content VR thrives with… Still, I need a lot of cash to finish this game with all the bells and whistles (not to mention giant voice acted script) so that still remains the main barrier to progress on this title. I hope to resume Daath Galaxy development as my full time job in the summer of 2017… with your help that should be possible…


I’ve bitten off a lot, but with enough time and a lot of luck, I can probably chew through it all… What I need from you is your Steam Greenlight vote, so please take a second, click this link and vote for DAATH ORIGINS now! Thanks!

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