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  • 36 Free Ground Textures – Diffuse + Normals 2048×2048

    In 2014 I went on a few hikes and took a cheap digital camera with me. I mainly took pictures of the ground, such as dirt and rocks. Later I edited them to be seamless/tileable, made normal maps and attempted heightmaps as well. The majority of the textures are 2048×2048, although a few are smaller. There are 36 diffuse textures, with 88 texture files in total (counting diffuse, normals, and heightmap.)

  • Indiedev Game Marketer (WordPress Plugin)

    To help you promote your video game, I created Indiedev Game Marketer, which is a free & open source Wordpress plugin, forever free and forever without a premium version to buy.

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  • 27 Metal Audio Samples


    Featuring 27 Uncompressed WAV sound files available in a single zip file. I took various pieces of metal and recorded myself bending, wobbling and hitting them to make various noises. Unexpectedly a lot of these would sound perfect for cartoon or cartoon related effects.

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  • 50 Free SciFi Sound FX (192kHz, 64-bit, 24,576kbps WAV)


    Featuring 50 Uncompressed 192kHz, 64-bit, 24576kbps WAV sound files available in a single 55MB zip file. I started with sine waves, then ran them through a billion and half VST plugins and filters. You can listen to a sample of each sound fx in this video.

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  • Daath Origins (Beta)


    You are the captain of a starship with almost 1 million crew & citizens under your care. Explore the planets & stars in the galaxy, uncovering secret agendas, encountering spatial anomalies, aligning with or against other factions, & crafting ancient transdimensional technologies that will force you to confront the very origins of the universe itself.

  • Daath Origins Collector’s Edition

  • Arcana Kira Official T-Shirt


    Show your love for Arcana by rocking this officially licensed t-shirt!

  • Arcana Kira Zero Official Poster


    This is a poster for Arcana Kira Zero, the origin story that takes place before the game.  Born as Akari Kimura, she was only 9 years old when her parents were killed by the interstellar syndicate known as the Kuvarian.  From that point, she single purposely set out to avenge their deaths.  After 6 long years of hell she began executing and literally collecting each of their heads for the reward money using the alias “Arcana Kira.”…

  • Arcana Kira – Original Soundtrack


    A full length album featuring over 60 minutes of original music by Madchen Kraft for the game Arcana Kira.  This is the digital version of the album.

  • Arcana Kira for PC (Pre-release)


    This is a digital only version of the game.

    • Target Release Date: TBA