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Daath Origins (Beta)


You are the captain of a starship with almost 1 million crew & citizens under your care. Explore the planets & stars in the galaxy, uncovering secret agendas, encountering spatial anomalies, aligning with or against other factions, & crafting ancient transdimensional technologies that will force you to confront the very origins of the universe itself.


Daath Origins Collector’s Edition



Arcana Kira Official T-Shirt


Show your love for Arcana by rocking this officially licensed t-shirt!


Arcana Kira Zero Official Poster


This is a poster for Arcana Kira Zero, the origin story that takes place before the game.  Born as Akari Kimura, she was only 9 years old when her parents were killed by the interstellar syndicate known as the Kuvarian.  From that point, she single purposely set out to avenge their deaths.  After 6 long years of hell she began executing and literally collecting each of their heads for the reward money using the alias “Arcana Kira.”…

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Arcana Kira – Original Soundtrack

$9.99 $7.49

A full length album featuring over 60 minutes of original music by Madchen Kraft for the game Arcana Kira.  This is the digital version of the album.

Arcana Kira

Arcana Kira for PC (Pre-release)


This is a digital only version of the game.

  • Target Release Date: TBA