Indie RPG With a World Larger Than Most AAA Open World Games Hits Steam Greenlight

What happens when an indie developer runs out of funds for their already Greenlit RPG game? In the case of Black Lodge Games, the solution was to create a game much smaller in scope which still resulted in a game world bigger than GTA V & Skyrim.

SPOKANE, Wash.June 12, 2015 – — The game is Arcana Kira (アルカナキラー) an action role playing game mixed with 3rd person platforming gameplay, memorable characters, and a modern aesthetic. You play as the enigmatic Arcana Kira, a space assassin chasing a bounty that will make her rich enough to retire in luxury.  But such bounties are hard to secure, especially on a huge alien world and across multiple trans-dimensional boundaries while fighting hoards of elemental beasts and bosses.

If you love RPGs fused with other genres, beautiful sci-fi art, delicate handcrafted music, insane bosses, subtle dark humor and total sci-fi nerdomArcana Kira is for you!

– Playable Alpha – New Version Available Each Friday –
Arcana Kira is currently an unlockable bonus in the Groupees “Be Mine 20 Game + Charity Bundle” that will be unlocked once 7700 bundles are delivered.  If and when Arcana Kira makes it onto Steam, all previous owners of the game will receive Steam keys.  The bundle includes a wide range of games including Pier Solar and the Great Architects, Morningstar, Hektor, Shadowgate, Time Mysteries: Inheritance – Remastered, Z.A.R, Lightrise, and Angels That Kill.  It also includes the following albums: Acherontic Dawn, Med Downline – Test Subject, and The Luna Sequence -This Is Bloodlust.

Arcana Kira is currently in Alpha state of production, meaning feature & content are not complete, and the game still has known bugs.  Each Friday, Black Lodge Games releases a new playable Alpha, with a planned 14 Alpha releases before hitting beta August 21, 2015.  If the game isn’t fun by that time, and fully implemented, then it will continue to progress with weekly Alpha updates each Friday until it does hit beta.  However, progress is looking on target for an August 21, 2015 beta date, and a November 2, 2015 target release date.

It’s been almost 3 weeks since Arcana Kira first hit playable alpha, and each week there has been one or more new playable builds available for pre-order customers.  These aren’t minor additions either.  The game has undergone a lot of content changes in just 3 weeks, including the addition 3 dungeons, a new starting point for the game (inside your ship), major camera coding changes, and a whole list of squashed bugs.

Arcana Kira Introduction Gameplay Trailer –

Arcana Kira Introduction Trailer #2 –

– A Brief History of How Arcana Kira Came To Be –

Black Lodge Games is developing another game called Daath Galaxy, which was recently greenlit on Steam April 16, 2015.  Daath Galaxy is a massive project which is only feasible for a small studio if the perfect production pipelines are followed.  Production hit a standstill due to the cost of producing quality voice acting, as well as a few gaps in the production pipelines requiring expensive middleware that ultimately would save months or years in rendering out the Daath Galaxy playable universe.

To help fund the missing pieces of Daath Galaxy, to practice the art of making and releasing a game through the entirety of a release cycle, to hopefully build a small community of fans now, to network with the gaming community and build solid business relationships, to experiment with ports, VR, and other support other platforms, to have a warm up game before I release my bigger work.  All of these ideas were central to the birth of Arcana Kira.  However, the most important goal of Arcana Kira has always been and continues to be: ship a fun game at the end of the process.  “If the games not fun, the games not done.”  That’s the creedo of Black Lodge Games, and right now, Arcana Kira is not done at all.  There is much work to be done, and you’re invited to follow along and watch the progress first hand.

– Availability –

Arcana Kira is scheduled for release on November 2, 2015 for PC.

Arcana Kira is available for pre-order which includes access to the current playable alpha (and later betas) through the Store,, through the Black Lodge Game’s website, and through the Groupees “Be Mine 20 Game + Charity Bundle” as an unlockable bonus.

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