BLACK LODGE GAMES, LLC is a small game studio making big role playing game franchises for PCs and select home consoles. Our vision is to inspire game players across the world through immersion in fun, diverse, artistic, and philosophically driven role playing game universes. In terms of growth, we hope to deliver fun role playing game franchises and to expand into other fields of interactive entertainment as a long term goal. Black Lodge Games, LLC is a Limited Liability Company formed July 3rd, 2015, based out of Spokane, WA, USA.

Game Reviewers

Do you review video games? If so, you probably qualify to receive review keys for our games on select consoles and platforms at no cost. BLACK LODGE GAMES, LLC is always looking to help anyone involved in game journalism to get free review copies of our released (or soon to be released) games. Whether you represent a small YouTube channel or you write for one of the big game publications, or anything else in between, just fill out the form below. We also archive our press releases and provide press kits for upcoming and past game releases.

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    Twitch and YouTube streamers need no special permission to make videos featuring our games. Please, stream and play our games as much as you like!

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    Branding & Logos

    For logos and branding belonging to one of our games, please consult the game’s “Press Kit” for those resources. Here you will find the current branding and logos for BLACK LODGE GAMES, LLC:



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