Fixing DAATH ORIGINS (Porting from RPG Maker XP to MKXP)

DAATH ORIGINS was supposed to launch on August 15, 2016, but was delayed due to the discovery of a major game breaking bug near the launch date. To this point, the bug has not been fixed and tracing the cause of the bug has stumped multiple seasoned programmers, myself included. It’s a worse case scenario that needs to be solved before a proper launch can occur. In order to help fix this bug, as well as other potentially undiscovered bugs, the plan is to take this complete game (minus the bugs) and bring it to Steam Early Access on September 15, 2017, to iron out all these issues.

I could go on and on about the symptoms and solutions I’ve tried, but I’ll cut to the chase. I’m porting DAATH ORIGINS to MKXP, which is an open source version of the RPG Maker (RGSS) engine. This will give me near full control over the engine’s source code and also allow Linux/Mac and even console ports of the game to become possible. It will also bring GPU acceleration and a later/faster version of the Ruby interpreter, so it’s all around a good upgrade for the game. Hopefully, the MKXP port will not have the bug present, but if it does, I should be better equipped to track down the cause of the issue and solve it.

The porting process will not be quick or easy. For instance, MKXP does not support videos, so that will need to implemented. Any Win32 API calls will need to be rewritten (I use tons of these.) This port of DAATH ORIGINS uses a new fork of MKXP that is available here:

So, going into Early Access, the one single goal is to fix the big bug, which may be fixed simply by porting to MKXP. However, it will also enable me to take more feedback regarding the game, and adjust minor inconveniences and bugs before the regular launch. It should also be noted that I will not be pressing the physical edition of the game until it leaves Early Access, except for special press copies of the Collector’s Edition.

I wish I was posting better news, but I am glad to have a roadmap in mind that will improve the game drastically… regardless of if it solves this major bug. Stay tuned for more updates, and thanks for reading!

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