Oh Crap, 7700 People Are About to Own My Unfinished Game

Groupees were kind enough to place my Alpha status game Arcana Kira in their “Be Mine 20” bundle, and the current alpha build of the game will be unlocked once 7700 people have secured the bundle.  This is great news, but it makes me nervous.  All those judging eyeballs… will they think “hey this is Alpha” and overlook all the crap I haven’t finished or the bugs left in the current build?  I’m sure those who rightly know that alpha means “incomplete and buggy” will do just that, but everyone else will probably judge the game by what they can currently see and play (and who can blame them?)

I believe Arcana Kira Alpha 4.2 is the build they will be getting.  Luckily, later today I’ll be releasing Alpha 5, which adds some humor, character, and a little backstory into the game, all of which are sorely lacking.  These are lacking though, according to a well timed and thought out plan.  In fact, the plan is the release a new Alpha each Friday until I’ve reached Arcana Kira Alpha 14 on August, 14, 2015.  By August 21, 2015, Arcana Kira should be feature and content complete, meaning the BETA phase should start on that date.

So what are the biggest things currently broken or missing in Arcana Kira Alpha 5 that will be addressed by Alpha 14?

  • Enemy AI.  Right now, I’ve only implemented 1 AI set of the 3 I have at my disposal.  More advanced AI will be coming.
  • Weapons, Skills & Rare Items – Some of the new weapons & skills are already in the game, just with no place in-game to unlock them.  That will change, and you will find new weapons and skills by exploring the heck out the giant game world.  Also, rare and unique items are being developed to spread through out the game world.
  • Caves & Dungeons – I only recently got my dungeon design situation locked down, so now I can almost start churning out the interiors of caves, buildings, spaceships, and transdimensional vortexes.  Expect a huge wave of caves in the next month.
  • Animation – I’ve got a giant library of animation that I haven’t even dug into yet.
  • Trees & Vegetation – Alpha 1 actually had way more trees and vegetation.  Unfortunately, a very old Unity bug hit the game, and as a result, I’m implementing a non-standard tree & vegetation system, making the world map seem much more barren in Alpha 2 and above.  By Alpha 10 it should be much more lush again.
  • Performance.  Once the world map is locked down near Alpha 11 or 12 I’ll be optimizing it by splitting it 4 scenes and dynamically streaming the world in as needed.  More efficient object pooling is also underway.
  • Quests – They are already rigged up and waiting to go, just waiting for boss characters to be finished so I can properly attach the quest triggers to make this game actually progress.  Hope to have quests fully implemented and playable by Alpha 9

There are also 30 known bugs or missing features that need to be addressed.

So hopefully you can see why I’m a bit nervous.  You may be asking why even release the game this early, but my reply to that is that I launched Alpha 1 when I thought I legitimately had reached Alpha status.  Once the game is feature complete and fully implemented, then I’ll be ready to move it into beta status.  It won’t enter beta status until I am proud of the game, feel it is complete, and feel that is mostly fun to a good chunk of people.

Thanks.  Anyway, it’s Friday, I’ve got Arcana Kira Alpha 5 to finish up and release for all you pre-order customers 🙂  I’ll get back to that.  Thanks again 🙂

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