Learn Game Development for Free During the Lockdown

Very related to my game development work, I have compiled this list of free gamedev courses that will teach you how to create any and every aspect of a game. Right now you will find beginner, intermediate and advanced game programming courses, as well as courses on game design, audio, 3d modeling and more. I keep this list updated, so please let me know if you run across any free game development courses that I missed and I’ll add them to the resource.

I’ve been busy working on my own game Daath Origins, but with the currently global lockdown going on, a lot of people have taken the extra free time to learn and study. To that end, I’ve been compiling free and paid online learning resources and ended up building a site about it. The site is called https://learnonline.shop/ and it provides a comparison shopping tool that gives you data tables and comparison charts of all the online learning platforms, in hopes of helping you find the service that is the best match for your unique learning style.

My most popular resource so far is this list of free professional certificates. Getting certified for technical or professional mastery can be a great way to boost your resume or land a better job. Some of the free certificates are from Google, Oracle and even some governments, so they’re notable and not just offered by some unknown organization. I’ve also been updating this resource daily, so if you run across any free professional certs that I missed, please let me know so I can them to the list.

You should checkout the website or either of those two resources if that sounds interesting to you. I’ve listed the resources in no particular order, and I’ve included a brief description of the content as well as any other pertinent information.

I hope this helps you. There are other various resources and tips for online learning located at LearnOnline.shop and I hope to add a lot more to my website and blog in the future, so please bookmark the pages and check back often. If you have feedback, comments, or suggestions please share in the comments.

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