Free Indie Game Marketing WordPress Plugin

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  1. Version 1.0.1 (beta) is available now. The main change in this update is the inclusion of WordPress MultiSite support, including Network Activation.

  2. Updated to 1.0.3 (Now hosted in the WordPress plugin repository for easy upgrading.)

    = 1.0.3 =
    * 4th beta release.
    * Added: Each game platform can now have a URL associated with it. On the presskit, each platform with a provided URL will be hyperlinked to that URL.
    * Fixed: Patched a problem where settings only created usable links when using the complete syntax, i.e. “http://” must preface the URL. You can omit or include the http or https without consequence.
    * Fixed: Now you can enter the Company Facebook and Twitter URL settings in most manners and still get a usable link on presskits and in shortcodes.
    * Fixed: Patched an issue where Greenlight URLs were not loading into the Edit Game form, causing them to be lost after editing games.
    * Fixed: Corrected an issue where the Game Engine wasn’t saving and also wasn’t displaying on the presskit even when saved.
    * Fixed: In Chrome on presskits, using the default CSS, multiple columns were spilling over. The CSS was updated and now seems to properly work on Chrome.

  3. Chosker says:

    Hey thanks for this awesome plugin!

    I found a bug though:
    I can’t really use the plugin atm :/

  4. Kendra says:

    Hey. I love that you created this, but there is an issues when I try to activate it. It states that: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[‘ in the file …/indiedev-game-marketer/admin/class-indiedev-game-marketer-admin.php on line 1679

    Any help would be appreciated. I dont want to edit the code and totally break the plugin. Thanks for your help!

    • I’ve attempted to solve your issue with version 1.0.5, available now. Please let me know if the problem is resolved or not! Thanks for your help and patience in this matter.

      • Kendra says:

        Thanks for the response. So, I got the update and received a new, but similar error:

        Parse error: syntax error, unexpected [, expecting ) in …/indiedev-game-marketer/admin/class-indiedev-game-marketer-admin.php on line 1682

        As an fyi, after receiving the error adter the update, I uninstalled and then reinstalled just to make sure and the error still exhisted… thanks for workijg on this 🙂

        • From that sounds of that, I’m guessing you’re using an old version of PHP. That parse error makes me think you’re on PHP 5.2, which was released in 2006, and was no longer officially supported in 2011. I think PHP 5.4 would fix your issues, but even that has been unsupported for a few years. PHP 5.6 is supported until 2018, but PHP 7 is really where it’s at (big performance improvements.) PHP 5.6 is the minimum supported version of PHP for this plugin (and the minimum version still under active maintenance by Zend.) Let me know if I’ve correctly diagnosed your issue.

          • Kendra says:

            omg… that worked.. lol. I had no idea my website was using such an old version of PHP!!?? Last year I switch to a new web host, and on my previous host, 5.5 was what I had it set to , so I never thought to check that such an old version was being used. Thank you! Now I can check out your plugin 😀

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