Hi, I’m Sean Braganza! Currently Penning The Text Behind Daath Origins’ PR.

The science-fiction, RPG programming fanatic that lurks behind these walls of Black Lodge Games LLC. has been kind enough to let me introduce myself – and how I bear relevance to his three-year obsession that is Daath Origins.

I’m grateful; appreciate it, Jeff!

It’s likely that some of you that have found the Black Lodge Games website, and subsequently this guest blog post while scouring for press material on Daath Origins, recognize the long-winded nature of this text and are already scuttling for shelter for fear of it turning into another PR mail.

But for those of who don’t, I’m Sean Braganza; 23-years young, Computer Engineer, who since 2015 has been providing community, PR and content writing services for developers of games under the moniker of Higher Eclectic Ground.

An odd line of work given my background, I realize. But after serendipitously picking up video game journalism (six months, 2014-2015, staff writer & editor-in-chief for multiple outlets) during the final year of my undergraduate study as a hobby, I’ve since awakened to the fact that I enjoy writing about the games I take interest in rather than writing code for them.

 Through the graces of The Man Upstairs and a supportive family, I’ve managed to make use of this awakening in the provision of support to independent developers of games and freelancers within the industry, with tasks that are often times burdensome to their craft.

Specifically, while being open to full-time/part-time roles as a Social Media/Community/PR Manager for games, I continue to employ nearly three years of experience assisting, on an affordable contractual basis, with –

  • The creation of dev-logs, newsletters, social media blurbs and associated informal, targeted material for games,
  • Professional documentation inclusive of but not limited to Game Descriptions, Press Releases, Game Design Documents, Teaser/Trailer scripts, Elevator/Publisher Pitches, Crowdfunding campaign descriptions,
  • Dashes of quality assurance, feedback and testing of alpha, beta and demo builds, along with various aspects of a game’s public persona.

This of course, while functioning as a manager and representative of the services provided by freelance multimedia artists, musicians and other talent within the industry, wherein the crux of my daily role involves that of procuring employment opportunities for themselves.

Jeff found me lurking amid the babble of the internet late last month, and I’ve since been involved in assisting with public/press relations and community management tasks pertinent to the Early Access launch of his flagship title, Daath Origins.

Ironically, Daath Origins’ style of play and predominant genre is not something you’d find me playing on the typical weekend. In fact, I came away from my first look at its trailer feeling excessively strange, complex and a tad too grim.

And yet I have the sheer expanse of Jeff’s single-handed vision, the opus of a 100 hand-crafted physical editions, and the man’s undying dedication to bringing to fruition what I can only imagine has been a tough, yet personally fulfilling journey, to credit for drawing me into its universe regardless.

Couple this with the fact that despite being plagued by stability issues and limited public testing, he continues to persevere.

I’m highly appreciative of being a part of this sci-fi trek with him, which I’m certain will only add to my own learning. You can find all current PR and community development efforts documented on my  website.

There you’ll also obtain an in-depth look at my services, the individual I am, my background and the success/failures I’ve had thus far. When not working, I often take the time to give back by exploring, publicly acknowledging and promoting by word-of-mouth the efforts of independent developers/artists across my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and Newsletter channels.

Feel free to reach out to me at any time via any of the listed profiles, the aforementioned website of Higher Eclectic Ground, or at sean.b[at]highereg[dot]com; I’m indeed always looking for something new.

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