Quest 09 : Find the Science Vessel

Captain's Log
A science ship testing new Quantum Dot Sensor technology has been reported missing. Their last known location was E-6 in the Getal solar system.

After destroying the Draconian fleet you receive orders to investigate another missing science ship. Lt. Jr Grade Ryo Rikuto, the 2nd shift executive pilot, is reputed to be the best tracker currently on the U.S.S. Verum, so he volunteers to lead the search. So far, all signs point to foul play. There is a S.O.S. distress call from the ship, but no sign of them. Ryo picks up the signs of a masked warp trail which eventually leads you to Sector F-6.

When you arrive in Sector F-6 Ryo performs a deep scan to locate the ship. He reports There is a strange unidentified alien starship and that the science vessel’s warp trail leads straight to it. When you confront the alien ship you have a language barrier. You try to communicate with them, but to no avail. Before you can react you are transported to an alternate dimension. The missing science vessel is here. There is also the alien ship and some sort of portal.

Hailing the science ship reveals that Captain Harmon and his crew are all fine, and that they came to this dimension on their own free will. The Captain informs you that inside the portal is a Kanikulæ Ascended Master, and that having a chance to meet one and run scans was incredible to him. You order the ship to return and report back to the Corporation.

This concludes the quest. Quest 10 : Piecing the Veil is added to your Captain’s Log when you return from this dimension.

World Map of Daath Origins

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