Quest 08 : Defeat the Draconian

Captain's Log
Using the newly upgraded sensor grid, the Corporation has detected Draconian ships in the Zinar system. You are ordered to destroy the ships.

With the new sensors up, the Draconian threat is confirmed as the Corporation has detected a Draconian fleet in the Zinar system. Instead of sending a Corporation fleet to confront them, they have elected to send just you.

Some within the ship and the Corporation feel like you’re being sent on a suicide mission. However Lt. Cain Cassius thinks he knows how to defeat the fleet… Cain is great at being an Invader, and wants you to send boarding parties against the Draconian fleet, one by one.

You arrive at the Zinar star system in Sector C-6. There are at least 9 Draconian ships. If you approach them each from behind, Cain thinks you may be able to fight them one on one, which is what is required to send away teams. If you take too long fighting a single Draconian ship, or if you fail to approach a ship from behind then you will alert the whole fleet, forcing you to fight them all without any breaks.

After defeating the fleet you receive a message from Starbase Prime to look for a missing science vessel near your current location.

This concludes the quest. Quest 09 : Find the Science Vessel is added to your Captain’s Log.

World Map of Daath Origins

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