Quest 07 : Report Back to H.Q.

Captain's Log
With the sensor grid upgraded & online, you are to report back to Corporate H.Q. to receive your new orders.

You successfully upgrade the sensors and leave the sector. When you do, Ensign Waldo Wren informs you that critical life support system chemicals need to be restocked. He insists that the ship must go to Sector E2, to the starbase at Coll III and to Sector B3 to the starbase at Moralltach V.

If you ignore one or both of the locations and instead head straight to Sector C-1, Ensign Waldo Wren will remind you that the ship needs those chemicals to keep life support running.

Either you A) ignore both his stops, B) go to 1 but not both, or C) you stop at both. Once you arrive at Starbase Prime you will have locked in your choice.

In option A or B Ensign Waldo Wren comes to you for protection, and you can either give it to him in exchange for his testimony against others or you can throw him in the brig to await court martial. In option C, Security Officer Lt. Cain Cassius reports to you that Waldo has acquired two components used for chem manufacturing and that he just detained Waldo while in the middle of cooking a batch. In this case you can either have him rat out the other chem dealers in exchange for immunity or have him sent to the brig to await a court martial.

At Starbase Prime you are informed that a Draconian fleet has been detected amassing in the Zinar star system in Sector C-6.

This concludes the quest. Quest 08 : Defeat the Draconian is added to your Captain’s Log.

World Map of Daath Origins

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