Quest 06 : Upgrade the Sensor Grid

Captain's Log
With the Draconian confirmed to be in the galaxy, the Corporation wants to protect itself by having you install upgraded sensors in Sectors F-4, D-6 and A-3.
MAIN TARGET LOCATION: Sectors F-4, D-6 & A-3

The Corporation wants to upgrade the sensor grid, and to do that, you need to install sensor modules in Sectors F-4, D-6 & A-3.

As you’re leaving Starbase Prime Lt. Wendy Watson informs you that she is worried that her subordinate Lt. Jr. Phoenix Yoshi has been acting strange, and that she had sent an unauthorized encrypted subspace message to Sector A-2.

Later, as you’re exiting the Osiria star system, Lt. Jr. Phoenix Yoshi reports strange sensor readings coming from the Ernmas solar system in Sector A-2. When you press her for details she seems very vague.

If you take the ship to Ernmas and engage the red starship, you learn that this was all a cover for Lt. Jr. Phoenix to score chems (actually the core ingredients to make a few different types of chems) but even that was a trap set by Corporate Security! You have the option to either let her be taken into custody by Corporate Security, or to take matters into your hand. If you take the case you can dismiss it immediately, make her do rehab, throw her in the brig or execute her.

Once you install all 3 sensor modules in Sectors F-4, D-6 & A-3 your sensors will be upgraded. One of the perks of this is that you now have access to 10 more star systems with these new sensors.

You ordered to regroup back at Starbase Prime, due to news of an incoming Draconian fleet.

This concludes the quest. Quest 07 : Report Back to H.Q. is added to your Captain’s Log.

World Map of Daath Origins

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