Quest 05 : Report Findings to H.Q.

Captain's Log
Having defeated the Draconian ship, we are now ordered to report back to Corporate H.Q. to receive further instructions.

As you’re exiting the yellow nebula in Sector E-4 a band of ships that Vidar knows to be wanted pirates enter the nebula to hide. He insists that they’ll attack the Tinne III Science Station and should be dealt with before returning to Starbase Prime. Vidar’s parents were killed by space pirates and he has always harbored a grudge against any pirates.

When the ship doesn’t respond to any hails, he insists you stop them. If you decline him he resigns his commission to “collect the bounty” on these “pirate scum” using his personal starship: Váli. Using Váli, he destroys the ships instead. If you do help him, he also destroys the ship, but at least it’s with your official sanction.

Vidar returns to collect the bounty the Corporation had open on those pirates. However, not long after the ships are destroyed, another Corporation ship enters the nebula and informs you that those ships were recovered Corporation science ships full of a crew of experimental robots. The damage to the research and prototypes is in the hundreds of millions!

Vidar is forced to confront the fact that he basically became an unwitting space pirate, that he could of killed people, and possibly that he lost his job and therefore his ability to stop other space pirates. If Vidar resigned you can reinstate him. Regardless you can either do nothing, throw him the brig, or execute him as a traitor.

To conclude the quest, return to Starbase Prime in the Osiria star system in Sector C-1. At that time Quest 06: Upgrade the Sensor Grid is added to your Captain’s Log.

World Map of Daath Origins

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