Quest 46 : Give Peace a Chance

Captain's Log
Surely the Draconian are intelligent, so perhaps the solution is to try and work out a true and lasting peace agreement.

Stacy Justice wants to try and work a peace between the humans and Draconians. Certainly opening a dialog is the first step, and the worst that can happen is what is already happening… total war. She asks Maria Seong to find a Draconian fleet on scanners. It appears there is one heading towards Osiria!

You arrive at the Osiria star system at the same time as the Draconian fleet. They talk to you and surprisingly agree to peace talks. They then blow up the Osiria star system and say to you they are willing to negotiate peace after you’ve been disposed of.

Now you must beat them, which eventually leads into the final boss battle with Galactrix Ultra.

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