Quest 45 : Stoic

Captain's Log
Instead of always fighting the Draconian, it has become clear that the best option will be to find a dimension where the Draconian never existed, and set up a new home in that dimension for humanity.

Cain Cassius suggests that we find a new objective for ourselves and forget about the drama of the Draconian conflict in this dimension. He suggest trying to use dimensional drive device to transport into a dimension where there are no Draconian. The crew is strongly divided on this issue, and mutiny increases immensely until it boils over.

Cain apologizes, and as he is doing so the Osiria colony sends you an S.O.S. distress signal. When you arrive in Sector C-1, the Draconians have already destroyed the star system. Now you must beat them, which eventually leads into the final boss battle with Galactrix Ultra.

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