Quest 43 : Ordo Lacertae Executores

Captain's Log
With the Ordo Draconis Abdita in the galaxy, Lt Cmdr Ikram Ihsan wants to find the Ordo Lacertae Executores, an ancient human fraternal society that used mechs to fight the Draconians.

Lt Cmdr Ikram Ihsan thinks that the Ordo Lacertae Executores (OLE) may hold the key to defeating the Odro Draconis Abdita, specifically with their mech suits.

You manage to track down OLE members on the Etain space station. The old man there is hard of hearing and he takes awhile before revealing that the last mech suits were in a ship that crashed in Sector D-2, in the Ailm solar system.

While searching Ailm IV you find the wreckage of the ship. As you’re about to recover the mech suits, the ship is attacked by a Hive Mind Queen. After defeating the queen, your crew recovers 15 mech suits. Ikram Ihsan is disappointed in the condition of the mechs, and questions whether or not they will be useful afterall.

This concludes the quest.

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