Quest 42 : Ordo Draconis Abdita

Captain's Log
Dr. Eden Eutropius warns that so far we have not seen the Ordo Draconis Abdita, who are the Draconian historically assigned to destroy humanity. She said this because we picked up signals from Sector A-6 showing a large amount of Draconian ships entering the galaxy.

The sensor grid reports a large mass of ships in Sector A-6, and Dr. Eden Eutropious is concerned that these might be Ordo Draconis Abdita (ODA) the fiercest of the Draconians.

You travel to sector A-6 to investigate, and unfortunately end up confirming Dr. Eden Eutropious’ fears. The Ordo Draconis Abdita have arrived. You and a Corporation ship are able to take out the ODA ships. Afterwards, Dr. Eden suggests looking into the Ordo Lacertae Executores, which was formed to counter the Draconian threat.

This concludes the quest. Quest 43: Ordo Lacertae Executores is added to your Captain’s Log.

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