Quest 38 : Burning Bridges

Captain's Log
Lt. Lara Lucky & Lt. Cmdr Mabon Modred agree that we should exit this dimension, and that when we do, we should destroy this galaxy to tie up any lose ends.

(This quest is only available for characters that are aligned “Evil” through their actions.)

While leaving Sector B3 after Quest 33 : Doppelganger Mabon Modred reports that he is concerned that you’ve shared too much information with those in this dimension, and that perhaps, to be on the safe side, you should destroy this galaxy as you’re exiting.

You can decline or accept this quest. If accepted, after defeating the final boss Mabon Modred suggest now is the time to blow up the galaxy. Max MacLeod, Gunnarr Gundahar, Stacy Justice & Dusty Daryl and a group of officer’s rebel against your orders, forcing you to kill them, which concludes the quest.

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