Quest 37 : Corporate Merger

Captain's Log
Lt. Jr Ryo Rikuto has suggested we create an Interdimensional Corporation to align humanity against the Draconian on a multi-dimensional level. Representatives have agreed to meet up in Sector B-2.

(This quest is only available for characters that are aligned “Neutral” through their actions.)

While leaving Sector B3 after Quest 33 : Doppelganger Ryo Rikuto reports that he could arrange a meeting between the Corporation and the 3 pirate factions to form a common fleet against the Draconian invasion. If you agree, he sets everything up for a meeting in Sector B-2.

You meet with members from the Corporation, Valdun Alliance, and Ziron Syndicate from this dimension. Everyone agrees initially that Draconians are the enemy and that forming an alliance and shared fleet is in the best interests of humanity.

The Ziron Syndicate representative asks for scrap payment up front, and a “War Fund” is suggested by the Valdun Alliance for mutual fleet repair. The Corporation agrees and pledges 400,000 scrap on the condition that you and the two other factions each pledge 100,000 scrap into the war fund.

The Ziron Syndicate representative immediately speaks up to note that they do not have 100,000 scrap. The Corporation representative says that it is fine, and that they can pay their contribution back later.

Before negiotations are finalized a Draconian appears and hails with claims of peace and a “business proposal.” Their offer is 10,000,000 scrap to any party that joins their fleet. The Ziron Captain asks if the Corporation can match their offer, which is declined.

The Corporation declines the Draconian offer, leaving the final decision on you on whether or not to align with the Corporation or the Draconians. Either way will result in a battle, and successfully winning that concludes the quest. The hope for a temporary human alliance is gone.

World Map of Daath Origins

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