Quest 36 : Mythril Armor

Captain's Log
Sir Gunnarr Gundahar had a dream. He believes a Kakodaimon escaped, and that we can find it in the Edhadh solar system in Sector D-5.

(This quest is only available for characters that are aligned “Good” through their actions.)

While leaving Sector B3 after Quest 33 : Doppelganger Sir Gunnarr Gundahar reports that he had a dream and he thinks that Atiluth Prime is contacting him through it.

In the dream he told Sir Gunnarr Gundahar when you escaped the lower dimensions, you somehow freed a captive Mithryl Kakodaimon.

As you draw near to the Edhadh system in Sector D-5, Sir Gunnarr Gundahar can sense that you’re getting closer to the Kakodaimon.

When you enter the solar system, Sir Gunnarr Gundahar is sure that the fiend is hiding on the Zira Artificial planet at the far end of the solar system.

If you do not have thermal hull protection to land on super hot planets, you will need to upgrade your hull’s thermal resistance before proceeding. You will be informed about a Sub-zero Hull Augment that was lost in Sector E5, in the Gort system that you can retrieve to use for such a purpose.

Once you enter the Zira Artificial planet, Sir Gunnarr Gundahar tells you to look out for an entrance. Once you find the entrance and confront and defeat the Mythril Kakodaimon, you are rewarded with Mithryl Coated Hull armor, one of the best armors in the game. This concludes the quest.

World Map of Daath Origins

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