Quest 34 : Back in Prime Time

Captain's Log
A scientist from this dimension thinks he has figured out a way to get us back to the timeline we originated from, but early enough in time so that the galaxy has’t been destroyed yet.

A scientist from this dimension has heard that you originate from an alternate dimension and so he broadcast a subspace message asking you to meet him at the Quert Solar System in Sector E-3.

When you eventually meet up with the scientist and he boards your ship, he says he has been working on modifying temporal distortion devices to emit a small inverse temporal wave, in other words, backwards time travel. He thinks combining this new device with your transdimensional drive, may allow you to return to your original home dimension, except far enough in the past that the galaxy hasn’t yet been destroyed.

The scientist works with Dr. Mara Luna to integrate the time travel device with your interdimensional drive. He asks for 10,000 scrap to be used as the test cargo to send back and forth between the dimensions. When the preparations are done, you start the experiments. If you didn’t pay or could not afford the 10,000 scrap then Dr. Mara Luna is killed during activation due to lack of proper testing. Regardless, on the other side of the portal it is clearly the empty destroyed galaxy from before. The scientist confirms that the experiment was partially successful, as you were able to send scrap back and forth between this dimension and your original dimension, slightly into the past. To go further back in time you must greatly increase the power output of the inverse temporal field. If you do pay the 10,000, but don’t say anything until the 10,000 scrap is lost, then you have the option to kill the scientist. Either the scientist or Dr Mara Luna calculates the power needed to be a little less than 5 Power Crystals.

This concludes the quest. Quest 35 : Changing the Past is added to your Captain’s Log.

World Map of Daath Origins

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