Quest 33 : Doppelganger

Captain's Log
The Corporation in this universe has ordered us to meet with the U.S.S. Murvem, in the Morrigan star system, Sector B-3.
MAIN TARGET LOCATION: Morrigan, Sector B-3

You travel to Morrigan, Sector B-3. When you meet up with the U.S.S. Murvem, you find that the Captain is Orion Kreios. He doesn’t trust you and suspects you’re a Draconian. You battle with the U.S.S. Murvem, but can avoid the conflict if you hail and talk Captain Orion Kreios out of battling. Resolving the battle either way completes the quest.

Exiting the star system triggers Quest 34: Back In Prime Time and Quest 42: Ordo Draconis Abdita. If your character is aligned good, then Quest 36: Mythril Armor is unlocked. Evil aligned characters unlock Quest 38: Burning Bridges. Morally neutral characters proceed to Quest 37: Corporate Merger.

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