Quest 31 : Nanobots of Love

Captain's Log
In the multiverse hub we encountered a version of our ship commanded by Captain Rie Aoi. She has asked for our help to create reprogrammable nanobots. We need to secure 100 carbon, 10 silicon & 10 iron and then return to the multiverse hub in order to fulfill her request.

While in the multiverse hub, you encounter a version of the U.S.S. Verum that is commanded by Captain Rie Aoi. Orion Kreios is excited to see her, but she does not recognize him. She tells you that in her universe Galactrix Ultra destroyed her galaxy. She asks for help, specifically for reprogrammable nanobots.

While you do not have the nanobots, Orion Kreios is eager to procure them for Rie, and so he asks Dr. Mara Luna how we can manufacture them. She says it will be difficult, but that if you can provide 100 carbon, 10 silicon, and 10 iron then she can manufacture them here in the perfect vacuum of the multiverse hub. You can find these items in the Midnight version of the galaxy.

Once you’ve acquired the necessary components and return to the multiverse hub, Dr. Mara Luna creates the reprogrammable nanobots. You give them Captain Rie Aoi, and she laughs and explains that they’re going to program them to seek out and kill Draconians from the inside and that she hopes to use them to kill all the Draconians.

You can either let her go and carry on with her plan, advise her against the plan, or stop her with force from using the nanobots by engaging her ship in combat. Afterwards, the quest is concluded.

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