Quest 30 : Endless Light

Captain's Log
Atziluth Prime will help us return to a suitable dimension, but first we must find and return Phostus, as well as finish creating the Zira Interdimensional Drive.

While exploring the multiverse hub you enter a wormhole which takes you to a place bright with light. There, you encounter a ship, Atziluth Prime, whose Captain informs you that he can bring you to a similar dimension to the one you originated from, but only if you complete the Zira Interdimensional Drive you are working on and help him by going to the Midnight dimension and retrieving a “man” named Phostus.

You discover the remains of Phostus in a ship in Midnight, Sector B-6, and recover the soul of Phostus to bring back to Atziluth Prime.

When you return to Atziluth Prime, if you’ve completed the Zira Interdimensional Drive, or if you return later after completing the drive, then Act II ends and Act III begins with Quest 32: Cheating Galactic Death?.

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