Quest 28: Transport Beam

Captain's Log
We’ve been given a new transport beam technology, but it doesn’t work right. With some Zira Artifacts, we may be able to fix it for another use.

While in the multiverse hub, you encounter a version of the U.S.S. Verum commanded by Captain Orion Kreios. He offers to give you his transport beam technology. When you test it out, you find it to be a flawed technology. You can choose not to mess with the technology, and thus bypass this quest. However you can also modify the tech to weaponize it or to use it for emergencies to help people. Choosing either of these options will start the quest.

Regardless of what option you choose, once you begin the quest you will be looking for a Zira Artifact. Either a Zira Mega Crystal if you’re weaponizing the technology, or a Zira Genetics Scanner if you’re trying to fix the tech so that you can use it save people. These items are both located in Midnight, Sector D-1, in the Lugh star system, in the Lugh Zira Ruins.

If you’ve already acquired the appropriate artifact, the quest will resolve itself. If you chose to weaponize then you are rewarded with the Space Lifeforms skill. If you chose to save people, you are rewarded with the Recover Lost Crew skill, which restores 100 dead crew members each time you use it (at the expense of a lot of power and +1 mutiny each time you use the skill.)

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