Quest 27 : Midnight

Captain's Log
A version of Lt Cmdr Noami Sota’s dad from another universe has taken the U.S.S. Verum by force. We must somehow retake the ship from him, but first we need to figure out where they went.

You arrive in your galaxy and it’s not destroyed… but it’s also quite a bit different, so the theory is that it is an alternate universe. The crew informs you that the ambient temperature of space is 3.2 kelvin instead of 2.7 kelvin and there are very few stars and a lot more spatial anomalies.

While exploring this version of the galaxy you detect a Corporation distress signal in Sector D-5, which Orion Kreios notes is odd. When you investigate the Edhadh star system, you see a standard TETRAOSIRIS Mk I Explorer.

When you approach the ship you are hailed by Captain Sota, who remarks that he watched the U.S.S. Verum get destroyed right before his ship arrived. After speaking to him for a bit he asks you whether his daughter Naomi Sota is serving on your version of the ship.

Lt. Cmdr Naomi Sota is excited to see her parents, even if they are from another timeline. Captain Sota claims that his ship needs several repairs, and asks Naomi Sota to come over and help with the repairs. However, once she departs Captain Sota hails you.

Captain Sota has Naomi Sota and 100 repair crew members held hostage on his ship. He demands that you give him control of the ship or else they will all die.

Regardless of what you do, he eventually seizes control of the ship, leaving you stranded in a TETRAOSIRIS Mk I Explorer. He takes the U.S.S. Verum out of the star system.

Using the limited short range sensors on the TETRAOSIRIS Mk I Explorer, you track the U.S.S. Verum to Sector F-6. When you approach the ship you learn that citizens overtook Captain Sota and spaced him and his men. The ship is once again under your command. You gain a Zira Artifact, the Dimensional Lense, and this concludes the quest.

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