Quest 25 : Aftermath: Into the Void

Captain's Log
With the galaxy destroyed, and the ship nearly destroyed, we must head north or west to the faint Zira signals we are detecting. Since we only have the food & water stored on board the ship, it is only a matter of time before these things run out. We must find a source of food & water if we hope to survive.

With the galaxy destroyed, and the ship barely escaping, you now find yourself lost in the void of space. Although sensors are damaged, you are able to detect a Zira energy ahead. Unfortunately, you also detect over 20 Draconian ships in between your ship and the Zira energy. When you arrive at the Zira energy source, you find and confront Galactrix Ultra. However, before you’re able to react, you are sucked into a transdimensional portal.

This concludes the quest. Quest 26 : Vibrations starts shortly afterwards.

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