Quest 24 : Plight of the Moomon

Captain's Log
You discover a crashed Moomon ship on Undika I. Head to Sector F-6 to contact the Moomon so they can rescue the crashed ship.

While in the Undika star system, you discover a Moomon ship on the surface of Undika I. When you communicate with them, you quickly realize that they cannot leave the planet, nor do your life support systems work with Moomon. Instead, you elect to travel to Sector F-6 to inform the Moomon of their companion’s plight. However, none of the Moomon seem to respond. Eventually, you speak with the Kanikulae Ascended Master about the situation. However, he reveals that the ship was actually exiled, and it can only be let back into the community if the crew’s honor is restored. He gives you an opportunity to restore their honor, which if you accept, requires you to fight the Kanikulae Ascended Master. Either way, this concludes the quest.

World Map of Daath Origins

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