Quest 23 : Battledress

Captain's Log
Cybil Fox has organized a joint operation with some surviving pirate ships, to raid a secret base in the Xexax solar system. The base contains weapons & armor.

Cybil Fox says that since the Corporation is no more and the galaxy is at its knees, this would be the best time to collect the best armor and weapons from across the galaxy. Cybil reports that several rival factions have agreed to join forces against the Draconian. She proposes offering our assistance in a joint operations and in return they would help you retrieve some battle technology to improve the U.S.S. Verum.

As you reach the hidden artifact in Sector E-1, in the Xexax star system, one of your new allies reveals themselves to be Draconian. Other Draconian ships appear and you battle it out at Xexax.

After you defeat the Draconian, the other ships are worried that the Draconian have spread even into the pirates and small remaining factions. The unity is broken and the ships depart their separate ways… but not before you are able to acquire a small cache of weapons and armor.

This concludes the quest.

World Map of Daath Origins

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