Quest 22 : Destroyer of Artifacts

Captain's Log
Lt. Cmdr Boris Bolshakov wants to save as many Zira Artifacts as possible. He thinks they may be useful in defeating Galactrix Ultra.

While on Troxia V, you learn that Galactrix Ultra is destroying the galaxy. Lt. Cmdr Boris Bolshakov is concerned that the Draconians are destroying Zira Artifacts, and recommends recovering as many Zira Artifacts as possible. Lt. Lara Lucky disagrees, and feels like it’s too big of a risk to go looking for artifacts while Galactrix Ultra is actively working on destroying the galaxy.

These are the planets known to be of Zira origins, although Zira Artifacts exists on other planets not listed here:

  • Star X360x2a Planet II in Sector A1
  • Gaibhnenn III in Sector A2
  • Ernmas VIII in Sector A2
  • Saer VIII in Sector B1
  • Etain III in Sector C2
  • Lugh III in Sector D1
  • Ailm VIII in Sector D2
  • Edhadh IV in Sector D5

There is no resolution to this quest.

World Map of Daath Origins

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