Quest 21 : A Unified Humanity

Captain's Log
Dr. Oluchi has identified a human distress signal in Sector E-3, in the Quert solar system.

Humanity’s numbers have thinned, but there are still survivors spread across the galaxy. Dr. Oluchi suggest searching for any and all survivors, and saving all of them, including criminals. You agree, and Dr. Oluchi informs you that he has detected Corporation readings in Sector E-3, in the Quert solar system.

When you arrive in the system you find a human starship, however it appears to be a pirate ship aligned with the Ziron Syndicate, and not a Corporation ship. Dr. Oluchi insists you rescue the ship, and they hail. The captain is relieved to be found by humans, and requests asylum on your ship. If you refuse, they leave and the quest is failed. If you accept, they bring their ship into your dock and begin intake. Dr. Oluchi goes to the dock to provide medical assistance to anyone who needs it. However, he is robbed and killed by a junkie from the ship.

The killer is dealt with according to your wishes, and Dr. Mara Luna and Dr. Eden Eutropious take up the work of Dr. Oluchi.

This concludes the quest.

World Map of Daath Origins

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