Quest 02 : The Scene of the Crime

Captain's Log
The investigators have arrived and have taken residence on the ship. Your orders are to take them to the last known location of Commander Jairhart and the 4 officers so that they can gather evidence regarding the fate of those missing.

(This quest is only assigned if you killed Commander Jairhart during the character creation process and lied on your official statement to the Corporation in Quest 01: Murder Investigation.)

At Starbase Prime, five investigators board the ship to investigate the disappearances of Commander Jairhart and the 4 guards. The first order of business is to return to the spatial coordinates they were last seen at, which is Sector A-1 X:88 Y:60.

When you arrive at the scene of the crime, the investigators find the 5 bodies floating in space and quickly conclude that they were shot to death with a Corporation gun & thrown out an airlock.

Investigator Revis confronts you almost immediately, revealing that he has the murder weapon and that it is registered to you. He insists that you help him “dispose of the other investigators” and pay him 10,000 scrap. In return, he says your gun will be registered to a trouble young cadet instead. You can try to back out of Investigator Revis’ trap, but he has his bases covered forcing you to either comply with his plan or to confess to the murders.

If you confess to the murders you will have an attempt to resist arrest. If you fail, you die. If you succeed, you are now an enemy of the Corporation, which immediately triggers Quest 12 : Corporate Enemy, which is added to your Captain’s Log.

If you do not confess then you must murder Investigator Jerrick, Investigator Wedge, Investigator Patton, and Investigator Cole. After disposing of the investigators, Investigator Revis calls in Cadet Biggs and has him arrested for all 9 murders.

This concludes the quest. Quest 03 : Serial Killer Final Report is added to your Captain’s Log.

World Map of Daath Origins

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