Quest 18 : Signals from Troxia

Captain's Log
Ensign Dusty Daryl has studied the Draconian Hull fragments we have collected. With 30 of them, he can upgrade the Verum’s radiation protection. We can use the starbase located in Sector F-4, in the Beith solar system.

Dusty Daryl reveals that he thinks he can upgrade the ship’s radiation protection level one more time to combat the radiation levels near Troxia, but it will take salvaging components from 30 Draconian Warships. Troxia and the black hole at the center of the galaxy have been unreachable, yet unmistakable signs show a large buildup of Draconians in the region.

While you had detected signals coming from Troxia, and your crew was expecting a giant battle, when you get there, you find a small crashed Draconian ship. They laugh at you declaring that you are too late, that all stars with habitable planets are being forced supernova.

This concludes the quest. Quest 19: Shooting Stars, Quest 20: How to Destroy a Galaxy, and Quest 22: Destroyer of Artifacts is added to your Captain’s Log. If your character is aligned GOOD, then Quest 21 : A Unified Humanity is added to your Captain’s Log if you agree to save everyone, including criminals.

World Map of Daath Origins

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