Quest 17 : An Inside Job

Captain's Log
With humanity virtually eliminated from the galaxy, Ensign Betty Dory suggests we try and meet up with Corporation forces in Sector F-4, in the Beith solar system.

With the devastating loss of life in the galaxy, the crew is eager to find any survivors. Ensign Betty Dory reveals that she knows about a hidden group of Corporation forces, located in Sector F-4, in the Beith solar system. However, when you arrive in the system, a group of Draconian ships approaches, and Betty Dory reveals herself to be a disguised Draconian.

You defeat the enemy ships and deal with Draconian spy. Since there could be more Draconian spies, you have no choice but to test the entire crew to insure they are all human.

This concludes the quest. Quest 18 : Signals from Troxia is added to your Captain’s Log.

World Map of Daath Origins

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