Quest 15 : Eclipse of Evil

Captain's Log
The President of the Corporation is pleased with your work and has ordered you back to Starbase Prime to receive his thanks in person.

(This quest is only available if you finished Quest 13 : Delicious Humans by feeding 250,000 crew members to the Draconian.)

You’ve served the Draconians and the Corporation well, and the Corporation President requests your presence at Starbase Prime. When you arrive, the Corporation President offers you a Draconian Ship with a star destroying super weapon. It is located near the center of the galaxy, just go pick it up at Sector D-4, in the Ogma solar system. The ship is a Draconian Ultra Nova and is equipped with a Draconian Star Imploder, a weapon that causes any star to implode, destroying the whole solar system!

You make the journey to Ogma, and when you enter the system you are hailed by the Draconian Ultra Nova ship. They don’t care what the Corporation President said, they’re not giving you the ship, forcing you to fight them. When you defeat them, you are able to salvage the Draconian Star Imploder, which when equipped will allow to you to still destroy almost any star. Reports come in that the Corporation surrendered, that the Corporation President was a Draconian spy, and that the Draconian invasion of the galaxy has begun.

This concludes the quest. Quest 16 : The Draconian Fleet is added to your Captain’s Log.

World Map of Daath Origins

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