Quest 12 : Corporate Enemy

Captain's Log
The Corporation now considers this ship a risk to Corporate security. They have issued orders to apprehend the ship & crew. There are many pirates, rival corporations and even a full on rebellion to check out, so the ship & her crew are not out of options yet.

You have rebelled against the Corporation. The crew is divided now that the ship has gone rogue against the Corporation. As the 1st officer, Orion Kreios feels compelled to protect you and unite the crew behind this new direction. Orion Kreios reports that the crew is divided between those loyal to you and those loyal to the Corporation. He advises aligning with one of the three factions aligned against the Corporation, either:

Valdun Alliance (Good alignment)
Ziron Syndicate (Neutral alignment)
Nahlon Syndicate (Evil alignment)

Once you choose a faction, he radios his old contact to let them know that they are coming and that you and the ship are no longer with the Corporation. You are to meet the contact at Sector A-3, but Orion Kreios advises you to prepare the ship for battle since the faction will probably still think you’re aligned with the Corporation despite telling them otherwise.

When you reach the contact ship in Sector A-3, they will send you away if you’re not at least level 10 because you’re wanted by both the Corporation and the Draconians. Return after leveling up to level 10 or higher.

As you’re in this meeting, word has just spread that the Corporation has completely surrendered to the Draconians. In addition, an armada of Draconian ships is about to enter the galaxy.

If you partner with the Valdun Alliance, then they will inform you that they read reports that you’ve survived encounters with the Draconian. The Valdun Alliance has had 5 battles with them and was unable to defeat them even once. For these reasons, they will give you food, water, repair drones, weapons & armor to let the Valdun Alliance disband and join your crew. This will add 100,000 people to the crew.

If you attempt to partner with the Ziron Syndicate, they offer to help.. for a price. They don’t trust you and want 10,000 scrap to begin to prove your loyalty. Regardless, they’re working with the Corporation as there is a 1,000,000 scrap bounty on your ship. You’re forced to fight a (Ziron Syndicate) TETRAOSIRIS Mk I-X ship.

If you attempt to partner with the Nahlon Syndicate they attack you.

After defeating the Nahlon Syndicate or Ziron Syndicate, or after joining the Valdun Alliance, reports come in that the Corporation surrendered, that the Corporation President was a Draconian spy, and that the Draconian invasion of the galaxy has begun.

This concludes the quest. Quest 16 : The Draconian Fleet is added to your Captain’s Log.

World Map of Daath Origins

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