Quest 11 : Special Delivery

Captain's Log
The Corporation has placed Dr. Eden Eutropius in charge of selecting 100,000 crew who are to become colonist. Once Dr. Eden finishes selecting the crew members, you are to bring them to Sector C-6 for final processing.

Dr. Eden receives a priority 1 level communication from Corporation H.Q. Orders are to take 100,000 crew members from the ship and deliver them to a remote planet near Sector C-6 to start a new colony. Dr. Eden Eutropius is to be in charge of who is or is not to relocate to the planet. Optionally you can confirm those are indeed the orders, which they are.

Many on the ship are unhappy, as family’s are being split up and a large number of older retired citizens are being selected. The dissatisfaction causes several crew members to express their dissatisfaction.

The “colony” thing is just a front (revealed to you directly if you’re trusted by the Corporation and total evil alignment, otherwise revealed by the dissatisfied selected colonists who hacked into Dr. Eden’s computer.) As word of this spreads, it becomes known that somewhere in the Corporation are Draconian agents in governmental positions of authority. When pressed, you’re told that this is a deal for peace between humanity and the Draconian. That by sacrificing these people, the rest of humanity might be saved.

You either side with the Corporation orders and feed the crew to the Draconian, or you rebel against the Corporation and refuse the orders, thereby becoming a pirate. If you disobey the order, you are now an enemy of the Corporation, which immediately triggers Quest 12 : Corporate Enemy, which is added to your Captain’s Log. If you obey orders, then you fly the ship to Sector C-6 to meet the Draconian contact and feed the humans to the Draconian. This triggers Quest 13 : Delicious Humans, which is added to your Captain’s Log.

World Map of Daath Origins

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