Quest 10 : Piecing the Veil

Captain's Log
The Corporation has detected a new fleet of Draconian ships, but this time they have strategically located themselves near the center of the galaxy, which is blanketed in high levels of radiation. You must upgrade the ship’s hull to withstand the radiation so you can confront this fleet.

As your ship returns from the alternate dimension you’re informed by Starbase Prime that another fleet of Draconians has entered the galaxy. The report states that they’re amassing ships near the center of the galaxy, which may be a strategic choice since the radiation levels in Sectors C3, C4, D3, and D4 are all too high for any human starship to enter without quickly killing their crews. However Corporation scientists have analyzed Draconian hulls & determined that a neo-lead compound is the main radiation protection allowing their ships to withstand the extreme levels of radiation at the center of the galaxy. They believe they have successfully engineered a new plasma field injected neo-lead lined hull plating. Orders from H.Q. are to have Chief Engineer Sebastian Sharp upgrade the hull plating with neo-lead so that you can go confront the new fleet.

Chief Engineer Sebastian Sharp reports that he will need a starship construction component called a Subspace Hull Injector Drone, available at Copernicus Shipyard, Sector C-1, in the Oengus star system. The U.S.S. Verum will be able to withstand high levels radiation using the Subspace Hull Injector Drone and neo-lead, which is being synthesized by the Science Vessel Miranda in Sector A-4. Your orders are to meet them there and collect it.

Once you have both the neo-lead and Subspace Hull Injector Drone, Chief Engineer Sebastian Sharp upgrades the hull… however there is a problem. A lifeform has attached itself to the hull and is eating the hull away. Not only that, but everything you and Sebastian try to fix the problem just seems to make it worse. Finally Sebastian tries a few experiments to move the lifeforms to another ship instead of killing them which seems to work. Sebastian’s suggests sending them to a planet heavy with Titanium.

With the hull parasite problem solved you are now able to enter Sectors C-3, C-4, D-3, or D-4 without taking radiation damage. You are now able to go and confront the new Draconian fleet amassing near the center of the galaxy. However once you enter one of these sectors Orion Kreios reports that the Draconian fleet has moved into the Troxia system. Even with your increased radiation protection, the crew would die there because the radiation is even higher there and exceeds the new upgraded radiation level.

While learning this news, you also learn that Starbase Prime has contacted Dr. Eden Eutropius and that she is currently in a Priority 1 classified meeting with the Corporation President. When her meeting ends, she reports that she has been ordered to select 100,000 crew members to be used to start a new colony, and that she is completely in charge of who stays on the ship and who goes to the new colony.

This concludes the quest. Quest 11 : Special Delivery is added to your Captain’s Log.

World Map of Daath Origins

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