Quest 01 : Murder Investigation

Captain's Log
Commander Jairhart and 4 officers are missing. Initial signs point to foul play. You were the last known person who they were documented to have been with. Go to Corporate H.Q. to receive further instructions on how to proceed with this possible murder investigation.

(This quest only appears if you kill Commander Jairheart and the guards during the character creation process.)

Commander Jairhart and 4 other officers recently went missing. You were the last person to see them, which makes you a person of interest in their disappearances. When reporting back to Starbase Prime you will need to comply with investigators assigned to this case.

When you arrive at Starbase Prime you must give an official statement.

If you confess to the murders you will have an attempt to resist arrest. If you fail, you die. If you succeed, you are now an enemy of the Corporation, which immediately triggers Quest 12 : Corporate Enemy, which is added to your Captain’s Log.

If you do not confess, but instead lie on your official statement, you will instead have 5 investigators board your ship. This concludes the quest. Quest 02 : The Scene of the Crime is added to your Captain’s Log.

World Map of Daath Origins

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