Quest 14 : Alien Lifeforms

Captain's Log
We have been recovering alien lifeforms for research purposes. Investigating all habitable planets should be our goal.
MAIN TARGET LOCATION: Habitable planets

(This quest is started by collecting one of the 50 collectable alien species.)

You find an alien on a planet’s surface, and Dr. Eden Eutropius informs you that she can extract some resources from the lifeform. In addition, Dr. Eden Eutropius suggest that you take the alien specimen to the Tinne science starbase in Sector E-3 to learn more about it. Each alien specimen equals 1,000 scrap reward from the Tinne station. You can turn in alien lifeforms to the Tinne station at anytime, which means that you can also wait until you’ve got a large number before turning them in.

To complete the quest, capture all 50 alien creatures. Aliens are generally found on habitable planets when leading away teams. This is the list of habitable planets:

  • Gaibhnenn V in Sector A2
  • Abarta III in Sector B5
  • Osiria III in Sector C1
  • Ailm III in Sector D2
  • Cian IV in Sector D3
  • Troxia II in Sector D3
  • Ur II in Sector D4
  • Getal II in Sector E6
  • Nuin III in Sector F3
  • Mardius II in Sector F5

World Map of Daath Origins

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