Crew Members

At the start of the game, over 1,000 Executive Officers, including the entire bridge staff, were killed. This resulted in your field promotion to Captain, as well as a completely new roster for the bridge crew, which is as follows:

ID Rank Name Picture Class Alignment Age
13 CMDR Orion Kreios npc_ok Yeoman Unlawful neutral 30
14 LT CMDR Naomi Sota Naomi Sota Veteran Lawful evil 28
16 LT (Sir) Gunnarr Gundahar (Sir) Gunnarr Gundahar Knight Lawful good 33
12 LT CMDR Ikram Ihsan Ikram Ihsan Defender Unlawful good 28
17 LT Laila Lamis Laila Lamis Rogue Unlawful evil 33
18 LT Max MacLeod Max MacLeod Pilot Unlawful good 36
19 LT JR Ryo Rikuto Ryo Rikuto Freelancer True neutral 40
20 ENSIGN Cybil Fox Cybil Fox Wanderer True neutral 25
21 LT CMDR Boris Bolshakov Boris Bolshakov Ziraologist Lawful neutral 22
22 LT Lara Lucky Lara Lucky Quantum Physicist Unlawful neutral 32
23 ENSIGN Perlie Percy Perlie Percy Geologist Lawful neutral 22
24 LT CMDR Sebastian Sharp Sebastian Sharp Engineer Neutral good 31
25 ENSIGN Dusty Daryl Dusty Daryl Blacksmith Neutral good 19
26 ENSIGN Waldo Wren Waldo Wren Chemist Unlawful neutral 22
27 LT CMDR Dr. Oluchi Uzochi Dr. Oluchi Uzochi Medic Neutral Good 40
28 LT Dr. Mara Luna Dr. Mara Luna Nanoscientist Lawful evil 48
29 LT JR Dr. Eden Eutropius Dr. Eden Eutropius Xenobiologist Unlawful evil 36
30 LT Vidar Völundr Vidar Völundr Operative Lawful neutral 25
31 ENSIGN Maria Seong Maria Seong Thief Unlawful evil 31
32 ENSIGN Betty Dory Betty Dory Undercover Lawful good 25
33 LT Wendy Watson Wendy Watson Lawyer Lawful evil 33
34 LT JR Phoenix Yoshi Phoenix Yoshi Junkie Neutral evil 42
35 ENSIGN Dirk Dunkly Dirk Dunkly Hacker Unlawful good 19
36 LT CMDR Mabon Modred Mabon Modred Assassin Neutral evil 48
15 LT Cain Cassius Cain Cassius Invader True neutral 40
37 ENSIGN Stacy Justice Stacy Justice Ship’s Cook Lawful good 36
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