There are 26 classes to choose from, each of which has 3 ranks: Unskilled, Common, and Master. Above all, your class is now Captain, but you still specialize in your one chosen class, so choose wisely. You will start as Unskilled in your class, and all 26 classes have different immediate bonuses, as well as different requirements for progressing in the class. Here are the immediate bonuses you receive when declaring your class:

Assassin – You’ve been paid to murder people as your career (bonus +5 evil, +3 tactical, +3 unlawful, +10 away team attack)
Blacksmith – You studied starship construction first hand in the shipyards (bonus +350 hull, +200 power, +3 away team item)
Chemist – You practiced chemistry using Corporation Atom Printers (bonus +10 away team item, no scrap cost for Atom Printers)
Defender – You trained in the art of defense and self protection (bonus +200 hull, +3 thrusters, +1 piloting)
Engineer – You studied starship engines & subsystems (bonus to overclocking, +350 power, +2 computer)
Freelancer – You never picked a specialty, going from one odd job to the next (bonus +2 to both neutrals, start at level 5)
Geologist – You studied planets and their composition (bonus to scanners, +2 away team item, reduced scrap cost for Atom Printers)
Hacker – You trained in the art of making computers do whatever you want (bonus to overclocking, +3 computer, +10 away team hack)
Invader – You trained in the art of boarding spaceships & taking them over (bonus +10 away team attack, +2 tactical)
Junkie – You got side tracked from training by a host of chemical dependencies (bonus +2500 scrap, +1 unlawful)
Knight – You trained to serve the greater good, to help the weak & defenseless (bonus +2 good, +2 lawful, +25 away team loyalty)
Lawyer – You studied the law & how to win in legal disputes (bonus +2 lawful, +5 away team communication)
Medic – You trained to heal the sick & to help the wounded (bonus +2 good, save 1,000 crew whenever repairing the hull)
Nanoscientist – You studied science at a molecular, atomic, & sub-atomic level (bonus +100 power, +2 computer)
Operative – You trained as an official Corporation Operative (+10 away team loyalty, +5 away team communication, the Corporation trusts you)
Pilot – You trained to fly starships & it paid off (bonus +4 piloting, +3 thrusters, +1 tactical)
Quantum Physicist – Your training in theoretical physics is about to be practically tested (bonus +100 power, +3 away team item)
Rogue – You abandoned traditional training to do your own thing (bonus +2 away team attack, +2 away team hack, +2 unlawful, the Corporation distrusts you)
Ship’s Cook – You studied the culinary arts (bonus slowed food/water consumption, never run out of food/water)
Thief – You spent your time stealing anything you could get your hands on (bonus +5 unlawful, +10 away team item, random pirates are friendly, the Corporation distrusts you)
Undercover – You trained as an undercover Corporation operative (bonus +5000 scrap, +3 away team communication, the Corporation trusts you)
Veteran – You not only trained, but executed hundreds of previous missions (bonus: 8 is the minimum on all away team stats)
Wanderer – You’ve trained to explore without getting killed (bonus reduced encounter rate on the galaxy map)
Xenobiologist – You studied alien life and biology (bonus to scanners, +2 away team communication, +2 away team attack)
Yeoman – You trained in starship administration, giving you insight into the interstellar bureaucracy (bonus +2 away team communication, +2 lawful, the Corporation trusts you)
Ziraologist – You’ve studied the Zira almost your entire life (bonus to locating Zira artifacts, +3 away team item)


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