Battle Strategies

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Combat in Daath Origins utilizes a Temporal Fluctuator to provide a classic turned based battle system. There are many vectors of attack and strategies to use, but first we’ll look at the basics.


The Basics of a Battle

If you haven’t used your Scanners yet, then your only available Attack option is [Auto fire]. Autofire is effective when you want to quickly attack an enemy with minimal effort. However, Attacks and offensive Crew Actions may be less effective if your opponent has their shields up, so Autofire is best used after taking out multiple enemy subsystems and you’re trying to finish them off.


In order to be able to target an enemy’s shield generator, you must first use your Scanners. Using your Scanners ends your turn, but reveals data about your target, and also allows you to target the Weapons Systems and Shield Generators of all current enemies for the rest of the battle.


While you can now target an enemy’s Weapons Systems, if you successfully damage their Shield Generators you can also target Life Support, Thrusters, Navigation Systems, Main Computer, Main Power, and Targeting Systems, but only while their shield’s remain down.

Any time after using your Scanners you can attempt to take down your enemy’s shield. Go to Attack then Shield Generators. You will be given an on-screen instruction on what button to mash repeatedly. Mash it successfully and you stand a higher chance of temporarily disabling your target’s shields. With your target’s shields now down, you can target these additional subsystems:

  • Life Support – When successful, causes hull damage & crew deaths each turn until fixed.
  • Thrusters – When successful, causes the target’s Thrusters to be reduced to 0 and limits movement.
  • Navigation Systems – When successful, the target cannot evade and cannot move.
  • Main Computer – When successful, reduces a target’s Computer rating to 0 and limits movement.
  • Main Power – When successful, the target cannot use Crew Actions until fixed.
  • Targeting Systems – When successful, the target now only has a 10% chance of successfully attacking.

If you’re not sure what option to pick, the easiest one to perform with the most payoff is to target Navigation Systems. If you successfully take out a target’s Navigation Systems they are helpless. If you’re fighting more than one enemy, this will free you up to focus on them.

Advanced Strategies

Taking down multiple systems on a single target can compound their problems quickly. For instance, so far we’ve talked about this sequence:
Scanners > Shield Generators > Navigation Systems

You could target any other system instead of Navigation Systems, but sticking with that and following up with an attack to Life Support will make them adrift and taking damage each turn, so the sequence becomes:
Scanners > Shield Generators > Navigation Systems > Life Support

This is even better when fighting multiple enemies except for the fact that it takes an extra turn.

To help minimize this, and because you are also vulnerable to having your systems damaged in the same ways, I recommend stocking up on Decoy Drones and using them from your Cargo Bay as your very first move. You can buy Decoy Drones at the Alm trading starbase in Sector D2. So this is strategy now:
Decoy Drone > Scanners > Shield Generators > Navigation Systems > Life Support

More to come later in this section.

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