Daath Origins Press Kit

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Fact Sheet

  • Developer: Black Lodge Games, LLC based out of Spokane, WA, USA.
  • Release Date: September 15,2017 (Windows PC)
  • Website: https://blacklodgegames.com/games/daath-origins/
  • Steam Store: http://store.steampowered.com/app/655340/Daath_Origins/
  • Price: $9.99 USD
  • Current Dev Status: RC
  • Current Availability: Closed beta
  • Confirmed Platforms: DRM Free PC (Windows) & Steam®
  • ESRB: Not yet rated
  • Languages: English
  • File-size: Installer is currently less than 3GB, although this is subject to change
  • Press contact: jeff@blacklodgegames.com

Special Physical Collector’s Edition Available


To celebrate the launch of my first game, I boldly manufactured 100 Collector’s Edition of Daath Origins. Each one includes:


Take command of an interstellar starship & guide her through the multiverse, while managing a crew with a million fragile human lives to protect or exploit, in this open, dark, and deep turn-based RPG.

Classic turn based RPG gameplay combined with a dark interdimensional space opera… with some twists thrown in for good measure. Dᴀᴀᴛʜ Oʀɪɢɪɴѕ features HD graphics, programming, story and a 31 song original soundtrack… created by a single person.

31 Song Original Soundtrack

Not only was DAATH ORIGINS developed by one person, but that also includes the 31 song, 2 disc original soundtrack, which is available on:

or in a single YouTube video:
Daath Origins – Video Game OST by Mädchen Kraft (2016 Full Album) RPG Original Soundtrack:

Online Strategy Guide

Daath Origins Online Strategy Guide is still a work in progress. Since resources are limited, this will be one of the last things completed before the launch on August 15.

Pushing RPG Maker XP to the Limit!

Featuring original graphics, sound, music, and story by a 1 person dev “team,” I aimed to push RPG Maker XP beyond the bounds of what it is typically known for. To that end, Daath Origins is designed for 1920×1080 and features modified or additional coding through out the codebase. It is only because of the extensive and helpful RPG Maker XP community that I was able to make this all possible!



  • A giant galaxy to explore, broken down into 36 sectors
  • Over 500 handcrafted planets to explore in space, in-orbit, on the “surface” (or just send an away team!)
  • Command your away teams, level them up, invade ships & explore sites of interests across the multiverse
  • Spatial anomalies that bend time & space, transport you across the galaxy, or even into alternate dimensions
  • Your actions change how the rest of the galaxy perceives you: with good, neutral, and evil alignments
  • Multiple factions to join or to destroy, with devastating consequences for the rest of the galaxy
  • Promote a skilled crew member each time you level up, but don’t let them mutiny later based off of your actions
  • When battling enemies, you have the ability to target specific systems such as Life Support or Main Power
  • Over 75 unique quests created by the developer, with another 20+ respawning random quests for good measure
  • Tons of post “main quest” content, and a lore friendly New Game+ to play once you’re ready
  • Epic “Ultra Bosses” and tons of hidden items and secrets for the discerning role player
  • Collect and mine resources, which can be Atom Printed into weapons, armor, and items for your starship
  • 26 main crew members, including 9 Executive Officers to help in your journey
  • 26 playable classes bring divergent content, bonuses and story branches from the very start!
  • and more…

Press Releases


You can click on each page to see the full sized image.  Here are a collection of screenshots to download:

Daath Origins BETA 3 Screenshots (1080p)

Screenshots of Daath Origins BETA 3


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