Daath Galaxy


An Epic RPG Odyssey In Development for 7 Years+

Explore the multiverse in this open ended fully voiced sci-fi epic role playing game. As a captain of a small crew, you explore the universe freely from outside and inside your ship, with in-depth starship vs starship combat mixed with fun melee combat when on away missions or when walking in ships or on planets. You are the genetically enhanced captain of humanity’s last starship on an epic quest to save or destroy the entire multiverse. Use your tactical skills to disable enemy starships, send boarding parties, take over their ship and then use it to destroy their home world by igniting their star into a super nova as your ship jumps safely away.

All the artwork and music has been beautifully handcrafted in high definition with over 6 galaxies, 500+ solar systems (average 83 per galaxy), 4000+ planets & moons (average 8 per solar system), 40 original songs, 250+ quests, 12 main quest lines, 9 main quest endings (3 good, 3 neutral, and 3 evil) and much more. To keep each game play unique and interesting, there are also 250 quest recipes that create infinitely new and exciting voyages each time you captain your starship.

3 Big Yet Optional Mini-Games
  • Deep computer systems with bootable BIOS, multiple operating systems, the ability to hack and overclock and even to play computer games on the in game computers!
  • A card building game, with 4 different decks of increasingly higher power & value. Play against many NPCs & collect or lose cards in every match. Can you collect a Master Deck, or all the Master Decks? Do you have what it takes to win the Intergalactic Tournement?
  • Chemistry crafting system consisting of 118 elements & 236 chemicals to craft virtually any in game item, weapon, or armor
  • A bunch of other lore friendly & fun mini-games, like sneaking & stealing system along with side quests and mini-games.
Other notable features
  • All characters are fully voice acted
  • You can talk to, pickpocket, attack, and even kill almost any NPC
  • Your character needs to eat, drink and sleep to avoid starvation, dehydration, and sleep deprivation
  • 1000 weapons
  • 1000 items
  • 1000 armors
  • A beautifully scored soundtrack with over 120 minutes of music
First Person Action RPG When Playing Directly As Your Character
Turned Based RPG With a Twist, When Engaged in Ship VS Ship Combat
Developed With a Strategy Guide

So here’s a few details about how I’ve approached development. First, I started with a notebook for concept art and inital planning. Then, I moved onto writing actual specs for the game, which I wrote in the form of a Strategy Guide.

Since this is a full featured RPG, a strategy guide is a must. It’s also a way for me to offer special bonus editions of the game that come with a box, soundtrack, and strategy guide.

Development Overview
  • GAME STATUS: Early Alpha
  • START DATE: May 2008
  • GENRE: First Person Action RPG (as character) Turned based RPG (In ship combat)

Old Out-Dated Pre-Alpha Game Play Videos:

Soundtrack Features 30 Songs & Over 3 Hours of Music! Listen:

While I won’t be hosting the entire soundtrack of Daath Galaxy online, here’s most of the soundtrack for your immediate listening enjoyment:

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