Daath Origins New Launch Date: September 15, 2017

Daath Origins promises a lot of features on it’s Steam store page, including 75+ quests, 500+ planets, 26 playable classes, etc. All of it is done. The game is done. New Game+ is done. So why am I writing an explanation about a 1 month delay instead of launching the game tonight? One word: stability.

Daath Origins is crashing in a predictable and consistent manner that needs to be fixed. This popped up in beta testing last week, but it’s a bug that usually strikes after the game has been running for around 20 minutes, so going back to old builds it seems to have been introduced about a month ago. Anyway, I tried all weekend to squash this bug but couldn’t get it fixed yet.

As you can imagine, discovering a bug this bad so close to launch is every developer’s nightmare. At first I was overwhelmed… but after sleeping on it I think this delay may be the exact thing the game needs… which is just a little more time for bug fixing & promotion.

So why a 30 day delay? Well, at worst I think it will take me 1 week to fix this bug. Since that is my estimate, I double that to two weeks as my buffer zone, and double my buffer zone, gives me 4 weeks to solve one problem. Not only that, but it gives me time to consult some great minds… and if I fix this early, it gives me extra weeks to focus purely on raising awareness for this obscure little game.

Anyway, if you’ve been following BLACK LODGE GAMES, LLC for awhile, you’re used to delays. I’m sorry about that. In almost every delay I’ve announced so far, I reiterate that I want to ship “fun and done” video games, and this delay is 100% in the spirit of shipping a game that is truly done. Or that at least doesn’t break every 20 minutes.

I messed up. I apologize. Thank you for reading! Thanks for your support and interest. Stay tuned, I’ve got a lot of content coming your way soon.


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