Daath Origins BETA 2 Release Notes / Changelog

{Tons of additions, bug fixes & improvements in Daath Origins BETA 2. Please take a second to vote for Daath Origins on Steam Greenlight (thank you.) This change log covers all the big things that have changed since BETA 1. Minor changes, such as some slight equipment rebalancing or alterations to planetary stats, are not included in this list. The online strategy guide is now updated with the latest planetary and equipment statistics.

Daath Origins BETA 2 Changelog

  • FIXED: Patched a bug that caused a player revisiting the 1st Zira planet to get sent back to the Prologue mission
  • FIXED: Away teams can now be sent to human ships.
  • FIXED: Quest grammatical and spelling errors in Act I (quests 0 through 15)
  • FIXED: Fixed quest log spelling errors.
  • ADDED: 11 new endings.
  • ADDED: Cutscene when that one places goes boom.
  • ADDED: Cutscene when that thing eats your ship.
  • ADDED: 16 other cutscenes added for extra flavor.
  • ADDED: Capitol City is now on Osiria III (but it’s being redesigned for beta 3.)
  • ADDED: You can now take your ship on planets with temperatures in the red if you equip a Subzero Hull Augment.
  • FIXED: Scanning a planet now gives you planetary data instead of enemy data
  • FIXED: Captains log now properly updates from the Act I to Act II transition regardless of choice branch selected
  • FIXED: Shield generator offline status ailment now shows similar status ailment as all others
  • ADDED: Quests 34, 35, 36
  • FIXED: Removed Galactrix Ultra & friends from Sector C-3 in the alternate universe in Act 3.
  • FIXED: Overclocking your computer in the BIOS now actually boosts your Computer stat.
  • ADDED: New weird creature added to Sector A-1.

Daath Origins Beta

Considering this as the cover for the game, at least in the current era of development. The original cover will always be the Daath Origins physical release cover, but for the future I’m strongly leaning towards this one, unless I make one that seems better.

What’s Next?

So up next is Daath Origins BETA 3, which is really the first release candidate (RC1) as the base game will be all implemented from that release on. The game needs to get through Steam Greenlight so that it can launch on Steam Early Access.

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